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During the 18th century in France, the art of 'Painting inWood,' or marquetry, was developed to an extremely high level by a small group of artisans.

The secret, guarded for generations, was the unique tool utilized called a "chevalet de marqueterie".

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After several years working as a product designer, Craig Thibodeau turned a lifelong hobby into a profession by switching gears and becoming a full-time furniture maker.  Nearly 17 years later he still finds enjoyment crafting new designs for clients around the world.  Thibodeau has made a name for himself by incorporating traditional marquetry and veneer work into his designs, and his inlay work is second to none, with designs ranging from dizzying contrasting diamond patterns on door panels to dazzling string inlay on cabinet tops, to floral marquetry designs that bring his work to life. Recently he has begun incorporating metal inlay and intricate puzzle mechanisms into his commissioned furniture. Earlier this year he began work on his most complex piece to date; which has a variety of interactive puzzle components, mechanical movement and both floral marquetry and geometric parquetry veneer work.

Thibodeau’s work has garnered him numerous best of show awards in a number of exhibitions around the country. His work has been published in many books and magazines; including San Diego Home and Garden, Woman’s Day Magazine, Fine Woodworking Magazine, Romantic Homes Magazine, Fine Magazine, and many others. He regularly writes articles on a variety of woodworking topics for Fine Woodworking Magazine, Popular Woodworking Magazine and Australian Wood Review Magazine. More of his work can be seen of his website


Craig Thibodeau