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During the 18th century in France, the art of 'Painting inWood,' or marquetry, was developed to an extremely high level by a small group of artisans.

The secret, guarded for generations, was the unique tool utilized called a "chevalet de marqueterie".

Wes Assembling Stage II Piece by piece marquetry
Ron cutting Boulle marquetry on the chevalet
Chosing colors for 3rd exercice stage I
Dick's Marquetry self poortrait
Mastic on stage II, piece by piece marquetry
Stage I, 3rd exercise being cut
Cutting on the chevalet
Murray and Anna cutting their self portrait
Marco's marquetry self portrait
Tracy's self Portrait before assembling
cutting on the chevalet
Freddy Roman Getting Is Diploma
Background cutting, Stage II, piece by piece
Cleaning up piece by piece (2nd week) marquetry
Laying out marquetry pieces
Marco receiving Stage I diploma
Assembling piece by piece (2nd week) marquetry
Murray self portrait