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During the 18th century in France, the art of 'Painting inWood,' or marquetry, was developed to an extremely high level by a small group of artisans.

The secret, guarded for generations, was the unique tool utilized called a "chevalet de marqueterie".

AR 250

Antique Refinishers, Inc.

Edwards & Lejeune

Furniture and marquetry Restoration

Furniture and Marquetry Making

Upholstery, Gilding, Parchment, Creation, Re-Creation and Reproduction



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Old Brown Glue

The Liquid Hide Glue by Antique Refinishers, Inc.






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W. Patrick Edwards

Furniture Restoration, upholstery

Furniture Creation and Re-creation

Marquetry Teacher at ASFM



patricelejeune icon Patrice Lejeune

Marquetry Artist

Furiture restoration, gilding, parchment, french polish

Furniture Restoration and Re-creation

Marquetry Teacher at ASFM